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Evolution of the Vintage Led Light Bulb

Among all other lighting options, Edison bulbs or filament bulbs stands out owing to the unique aesthetic appeal and these are the only kind of bulbs that you can easily look at without hurting your corneas. These are generally used to add a vintage or dramatic touch to any space. Edison bulbs are named after their inventor – Thomas Edison, but the fact is that he is not the only contributor to this invention. Surprised? Read out how vintage bulbs are different from conventional lighting sources and some interesting facts associated with their invention.

Vintage Edison Led Bulb
Vintage Led Edison Bulb
Vintage LED Bulbs
Vintage Led Light Bulb
Vintage Soft Led Filament Bulbs

Light Bulb Invention – Underlying Truth

Let’s Start with Vintage Soft Led Filament Bulbs

Today we have a huge range of incandescent and Led lighting sources among which vintage soft Led filament bulbs are the most favorite. But before the world got here, light bulb had a long journey.

We are well aware of the adage that Edison introduced the light bulb but he is not alone to be credited for this invention. By the time Edison started experimenting, structure and technology of the light bulb was already in place. Before Edison the light bulb was constructed of the glass frame with oxygen evacuated and a filament of carbonized material that glowed upon electrifying but then burned. Vital developments that laid the foundation for Edison’s successful invention were made by a number of scientists throughout the 19th century. Among these scientists, Joseph Swan was the most prominent one because his research resembled to Edison’s prototype to a great extent. His findings were so similar that he won a court victory in Britain which granted him partnership in Edison’s business – something very much against Edison’s will.

When Edison Stepped In Light Bulbs?

Edison coined a renowned phrase – “genius in 1 inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”. This undoubtedly defines his success story. He relied on findings of his peers and predecessors but this is how it goes, many famous inventors do so. Though Joseph Swan’s model resembled Edison’s invention having all the necessary components but it didn’t last long enough. Edison set himself apart with tireless research and experimentation and determined that the light bulb can only be made last longing by finding the right material for the filament.

When he embarked on a mission to find the suitable filament material many biologists assisted him with plant species. During this time Edison tested up to 6000 carbonized filaments of different plant species in order to find the one that would last long before burning out. In 1880, after his long research he settled on a bamboo that was set to burn for up to 1200 hours and designed a 16-watt light bulb – finally something better than gas lamp and ready for the general public.

Incandescent bulb that was put forward by Edison’s hands was a massive success and after it was introduced Edison was stuck in litigation and other challenges from the competitors for a couple of years. After Edison, the technology kept on receiving contributions from different scientists and the bamboo was replaced by a tungsten filament that lasted longer.

The Era of Vintage Led Edison Bulb

Over the time, antique Edison bulbs evolved into Vintage LED Bulbs. Antique Led bulbs that we use today are only physically identical to those developed by Edison in 1880. The vintage inspired bulb shape is now widely used in a variety of residential settings and other decors. All this has brought inspiration and some LED light designers like the Chinese DGBF Lighting has come up with vintage Led Edison bulbs.

Vintage Edison Led Bulb from China

In the past few years where led technology is consistently being revived, Vintage Edison Led Bulb is receiving significant attention. Vintage bulbs are most likely to be found in simple, rustic and antique designs and they irresistibly play out in restaurant design. Edison bulbs are abundantly utilized in American cuisines for a unique dramatic vintage touch that can never be obtained with any other lighting source.

When it comes to factors other than aesthetic appeal like lifespan and energy efficiency, conventional vintage CFLs and incandescent are left behind by the Led technology. On commercial scale, incandescent are phased out in favor of LEDs due to the cost efficiency that they offer.

Recap on Vintage Led Light Bulb

It all started with the strive to come up with an outstanding lighting option and after years of research, efforts and sweat from different scientists especially Thomas Edison, incandescent light bulb came into being. The technology of vintage led light bulb kept on reviving over the time and soon a cost efficient and durable alternate was introduced. Today, incandescent bulbs are fading but the invention laid the groundwork for the technologically advanced lighting that we have today.

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