Things You Never Knew About Vintage Filament Bulbs in LED

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March 17, 2017
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May 5, 2017

Things You Never Knew About Vintage Filament Bulbs in LED

Edison bulbs with housing LED filaments to boast a beautiful orange glow similar to that of a flickering candle. They are getting quite popular due to that antique and dramatic appearance that can create a perfect lighting scene in almost every space.

Unlike conventional fluorescent bulbs, Antique LED filament bulbs come with UL listing. This means the glass of the bulb comes coated with a special kind of silicon that turns it resistant to shattering and breakage or requires it to be made out of plastic. UL listing is required because the filament in Edison bulbs works fine even if the glass is broken or totally missing. Electric current tends to run through the filaments, and accidental exposure to these can lead to a severe kind of electric shock. This is not the case with fluorescent bulbs as they do not turn on when the glass is broken.

Many stores and online retailers sell Antique LED light bulbs that do not qualify for UL listing and customers also buy because they are unaware of it. Make sure to find yours with irresistible features like changing hues and dimmer and the one that comes with UL listing for safe and secure use.

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