Why LEDs Are A Must Have for Everyone?

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February 23, 2017
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Why LEDs Are A Must Have for Everyone?

LED light bulbs invaded into our daily lives since their inception and these are being used globally not just for lighting purpose but also to add charm and whimsy to event decorations. LEDs come with a huge range of options including Copper Wired LED bulbs or string LED bulbs, vintage bulbs and much more.

Following are some of the reasons why LEDs are taking over the world replacing conventional CFLs:

Shockproof – Copper Wire LED Bulbs are built to last. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs can withstand roughest conditions due to the hardy components they bear.

Durable – Conventional bulbs stop working when the filament burns out but there are no filaments in LED bulbs and these come with 100,000 hours of lifetime approximately which means a continuous operation for straight 11 years.

Energy Efficiency – LED bulbs do not consume too much of electrical power which incandescent bulbs do to heat up and light the filament.

Eco-friendly LED bulbs are free of toxins that bulbs other than LEDS may contain like mercury.

No Temperature Restriction – LEDs can operate and work well without being affected by higher or lower temperature.

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