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Nostalgic Globe Led Bulbs

The led bulbs falling under this category have similar features which are used in the normal LED Edison bulbs but what make them different from the rest are their unique filaments. The filaments used in these bulbs speak about the craftsmanship of our engineers who have designed these in such way that these bulbs become a piece of an art. There are hundreds of designs available to choose from depending upon your choice. When these bulbs are lighted, they create a beautiful and energizing ambiance which will fill your environment with radiance.

Attractive and Antique Designs available in

New Vintage Edison Led Bulbs

These oven light bulbs are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures inside the microwave ovens and refrigerators. Its brightness is up to 400 lumens and can last up to 1.5 years depending upon the hours and days it is used. It uses 40 watts of energy and is much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Attractive and Antique designs available in

Vintage Led Tube Bulbs

Attractive and Antique designs available in Edison Light Bulbs which are the best source of decorative light bulbs today. These antique Edison bulbs have been recreated by using historic designs in today’s modern era and are quite competent in prices. These Vintage Edison Bulbs provide brighter and enriching environment that makes the surroundings all clear.


Antique & Vintage Style Led Edison Light Bulbs

When people switched from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights for their cost-effectiveness, what they missed the most was the warm, candle-like glow they had gotten used to. As time passed, inventions in lighting industries led to the introduction of LED filament bulbs which are not only bright but very economical too. These LED bulbs replaced fluorescent lights in a very dramatic fashion. A few years back, lighting experts came up with the idea of creating the same Vintage Edison Led Bulb style or antique Edison bulb which was going to give their users the same nostalgic effect as people had in past but without putting a hole in their wallet. These modern Edison LED Bulbs are not efficient but are also available in hundreds of creative and nostalgic antique styles Vintage LED Bulbs. Edison LED lights, Vintage Led Light Bulb and Vintage Led Edison Bulb can be a perfect addition to offices, homes, restaurants, stores or at any place where you want to include a vintage or antique look in your décor.

Dongguan Bofa Lighting is one of the leading LED Bulb Manufacturing Companies, being the largest and most trusted Manufacturer of Led Bulbs and Led Bulbs Suppliers of the Edison led filament bulbs, offer hundreds of styles of these nostalgic bulbs at a very reasonable price. Dongguan Bofa lighting company has been famous Led Light Bulb suppliers; striving hard in the non-stop supply of premium quality Edison style LED filament bulbs backed with certification in CE, ROHS, FCC, IEC, C-Tick with resilient experience from the experts in China. These vintage style LED lights are not only going to give a touch of antiquity to your interior but reduce the electricity bills too. These bulbs use the same filaments utilized by the old-school Edison bulb, but here LED emitters are arranged in these filaments.

These LED packed filaments are powered using traditional glass insulated circuit which is normally used in conventional fluorescent lights. The final result we get is very much similar to the incandescent bulb. Our high-quality nostalgic led bulbs are the top choice for our customers due to their efficiency and longevity. You can order our products across China and other regions easily. While manufacturing these bulbs, we ensure the quality of the material to be used in these led lamps is top notch and the bulbs should be in service for many years to come. Dongguan Bofa is a reliable Led Bulbs Distributors; having wide range of LED products containing a diverse Edison bulbs which are suitable for many places and products.

By our innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, a state of the art machinery and experienced workforce we are one the most innovative LED bulbs manufacturers in the world.  Since our first production, we always seek for next breakthrough in the lighting trend. Each of our products has a unique definition that represents nostalgic appearance along with the integration of latest electronic components that are highly energy-saving for an incredible lighting experience. We use exceptional quality materials for the manufacturing that makes our led bulbs illume much brighter than ordinary LED.

Dongguan Bofa Lighting Company is one of the reliable China Led Bulb Manufacturers, Chinese Led Bulb Manufacturers, Edison Bulb Manufacturer, and Edison Bulbs Manufacturer giving full concentration in manufacturing Antique Led Filament Bulbs, Antique Led Light Bulbs, China Led Bulb, Chinese Led Bulbs, Copper Wire LED Bulbs, Oven Light Bulbs, Led Bulbs China, China Led Bulbs, Chinese Led Bulb, Edison Led Bulbs, Edison Led Light Bulbs. Dongguan Bofa Lighting is one of the well known Led Bulb Manufacturing Companies known as Led Bulbs Manufacturer, Led Filament Bulb Manufacturers, Vintage Soft Led Filament Bulbs, Led Filament Bulbs Manufacturers, Manufacturer of Led Bulbs; having a high advanced Led Bulb Factory to manufacture wide categories of Led Filament Bulbs China, Led Oven Bulbs and Led Filament Bulb China.

Our Mission

Dongguan Bofa Lighting Company has worked its best and will keep working harder to reach new heights, implement new ideas and improve the quality much better than before. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and for us it is our mission to keep our customers happy always. At Dongguan Bofa Lighting Company, we are committed to serve our valuable customers with classy experience by providing them our innovative and good quality antique style nostalgic-led products which we have created after years of research.

We are in the LED manufacturing and supplying business for the past 20 years with a tremendous success rate in Chinese local market and have extensive resources and experience in producing the vintage and Antique Style LED Edison bulbs and Edison light bulbs. Since we are providing our customers with reliable and attractive products, our light bulbs have become common household items and this something we have achieved after providing years of services. We bring you the widest range of bulbs to choose from, for all of your needs. From decorative bulbs to daily usage, we have designed each product that will satisfactory and provide a long lasting life span. We manipulated technology to bring common and nostalgic lighting experience become efficient and affordable. With our automated and latest production lines, we provide our products to our widely spread customers and achieved significant milestones of success.  

Our range of products includes ceiling fixtures, shop lights, weather-resistant lights and outdoor fixtures of different sizes, shapes, and colors such as edison bulb, oven light bulbs, led filament bulb, nostalgic led bulbs, etc. Our lights are a total value for money as it offers 30,000 hours of working that is equal to 27 years. We provide lighting solutions for some of the famous restaurants, hospitals, and offices. LED lights that we manufacturer not only enhance the look of your home by adding value to your home décor but it will also save your bill up t0 80%  and no worries if you want to install it outside your home as it can withstand extreme climatic conditions and works well for years. These bulbs add a relaxing, energizing, and a lively feeling to your ambiance. After years of satisfactory services and unmatchable quality, our products are being recognized and used in numerous homes and offices. We are a top rated chinese manufacturer & supplier of soft led filament bulbs.

Dongguan Bofa is recognized as reliable Led Bulb Factory; well known as Led Bulb Suppliers, China Led Bulb Supplier, Led Filament Bulb Supplier, Led Filament Bulb Suppliers, Led Light Bulb Suppliers, Led Bulbs Supplier, Led Bulbs Suppliers, and Led Bulbs Distributors; supplying wide range of China Led Bulbs, Led Bulbs China, Nostalgic Led Bulbs, Chinese Led Bulbs, Copper Wire LED Bulbs, Oven Light Bulbs, Vintage Edison Led Bulb, Vintage LED Bulbs, Antique Led Light Bulbs, Antique Led Filament Bulbs, Vintage Led Edison Bulb, Vintage Led Light Bulb, Edison Led Light Bulb, Edison Led Bulbs, Vintage Soft Led Filament Bulbs and also Led Oven Bulbs.

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